Smudging the Contemporary
Shamanism & Art in USA 2013
Cosmic Trickster
Ra Akhu Uaa—The Glorious Light Meditation
Video Screening
Meditations on a Theme
Candle Magick
Lunchtime Yoga
Circles & Circularity
Blessing the Contemporary's new space
A panel discussion with Rev. David R. Cobb, Sandy Corley, Dwight Harriman, and Shana Robbins
Performance by Sandy Corley and Steven L. Anderson
Presented by Uab Setna Nebi Ra
Featuring Karl Erickson, Sisters of the Lattice, and Steven L. Anderson
Performances by Guru Rugu and Steven L. Anderson
All Hallows' Eve meditation with Karen Tauches
Led by Isabelle Casey
Stuart Horodner moderates a panel featuring Dr. Al-Yasha Williams, Jonathon Sodos, Ryan Gravel, and Steven L. Anderson

Energy Strategies:Performances & Programming

Solo exhibition at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Oct.–Dec. 2013.